Garden Cottage Motel

A Little Bit of Home for Your Get-Away.

Rates & Policies


 Room #1 (Single)  ~  $65/night  ~
      Smoking / pets permitted / whirlpool tub / king bed / kitchenette
 Room #2 (Single)  ~  $65/night  ~ 
      Smoking / pets permitted /two queen beds / kitchenette
 Room #3 (Single)  ~  $65/night  ~
      NO SMOKING/ pets permitted / two double beds / kitchenette
 Room #7 (Single)  ~  $70/night  ~
      NO SMOKING/ whirlpool tub / king bed / pets permitted
 Room #9 (Single)  ~  $55/night  ~
      Smoking / pets permitted / queen bed / separate bedroom / kitchenette



 Room #4  ~  $85/night  ~
      HONEY MOON SUITE! / sunken Jacuzzi / sitting area / gas fireplace
 Room #5  ~  $65/night  ~
      Whirlpool tub / king bed 
 Room #6  ~  $65/night  ~
      Shower / two double beds 
 Room #10  ~  $55/night  ~
      Shower / one double bed 
 Room #12  ~  $75/night  ~
      Whirlpool tub / king bed 

     Minimum one-night deposit is required.

    The deposit is refundable with a 5 day notice. A 2 week notice is required for holidays and special events. There will be a $5.00 charge for each cancellation.  Credit card will be billed for a one night stay, minimum, in the event that cancellation is not made within our posted notice requirements.

 +No refunds for early checkouts. 
 +Rates subject to change without notice. 
 +Rates subject to change for special events.

PLEASE CALL! for availability and reservations. No emails will be accepted.

Fridays, Saturdays, Holidays and Special Occasions require 2 night minimum

 Pets Welcome (in some rooms)
     $5.00/per night per small pet.
     $10.00/per night per large pet.

RESTRICTIONS APPLY: Pets must be crated if left in the room alone.